change (transitive verb): (1) to make a shift from one to another, to undergo a modification of, to give a different position, course, or direction to

Over the past 184 years, The Worthington Inn has seen quite its fair amount of change. The bricks of our beloved home witnessed a civil war, the invention of the automobile, and a man walk on the moon, among many other changes to the infrastructure of American life. As modern home amenities were introduced, our building adapted itself physically. Electric lights were added as well as running water and even central heating and air conditioning-features that Mr. Cowles couldn’t even fathom when he constructed the home in 1831. Our business has also modified itself to accommodate both the needs of our clientele, shifting from a stagecoach stop tavern to a “Harvest Table” buffet to the fine dining experience you receive today. Change is exciting, healthy, and much needed to keep up with the dynamic environment of the food service industry.
Therefore, it is with great excitement that we present to you our newest change to our business. Over the last year, we have worked with RevLocal, a local internet marketing business in Granville, Ohio, to build an online presence that incorporates the ever-changing information technologies while still remaining relevant to our clientele. We wanted to build a social media network that is informational, yet convenient for all patrons. RevLocal and our marketing team worked together to create a new website that is fresh, easily navigable and accessible from computers, tablets, and smartphones. We invite you to join our email campaigns to receive the most up to date information and promotions right to your email inbox. Check out our Facebook page or scroll through our Twitter feed to stay updated on events, daily specials, and creations from our kitchen. Click back to this blog now and again for posts featuring what’s “Inn Season” from our gardens and on our tables. These 21st century adaptions are designed to keep you easily informed and excited about what’s happening at this Columbus landmark establishment.
And yet, even with its most recent technological updates, there are some constant features of The Worthington Inn will never change. We will always continue to support local farms, businesses, and the Columbus community that keeps us thriving. We promise to use only the freshest ingredients in our dishes and welcome you into our restaurant as if you were dining in our own home. Most importantly, we’d like to thank you, our patrons, for continuing to change with The Worthington Inn, support the Worthington Inn, and love The Worthington Inn. If it weren’t for that, The Worthington Inn would not be here!